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Marissa Mayer, Yahoo! CEO who banned telecommuting, had nursery installed in office


Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo!, attends a session of the World Economic Forum 2013 Annual Meeting on January 25, 2013 at the Swiss resort of Davos.



Marissa Mayer, the Yahoo! CEO, paid to have a nursery built in her office when she took the job at Yahoo, it's been revealed after she caused a stir by banning working from home.

Mayer, 37, told fellow "Yahoos" that they must work in the office and should quit if they "couldn’t or wouldn’t." 

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However, the former Google Inc. executive — who is on a $117 million salary over five years with Yahoo! — has further upset many employees, particularly working mothers, with the double standard, reported by Business Insider.

They accuse Mayer of not understanding how difficult it is to work and raise a family at the same time.

Mayer took on the top job at Yahoo! when she was six months pregnant and vowed to be back to work more or less straight away.

Her son who is only six months old.

However, BI cited one Yahoo as backing her decision to ban working from home:

"For what it's worth, I support the no working form home rule. There's a ton of abuse of that at Yahoo. Something specific to the company."

The source also said Yahoo's large remote workforce led to "people slacking off like crazy, not being available, and spending a lot of time on non-Yahoo! projects."

AllThingsD, which broke the story about the ban, pointed out that Mayer is trying to reverse Yahoo's long downward spiral.

A source told the website that while she had held out carrots such as free food at work and iPhones, she had grown frustrated because the Yahoo! parking lot in Sunnyvale, California, was slow to fill up in the morning and quick to empty by 5 p.m., which is atypical of the company's Silicon Valley rivals.