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Geico pig ad celebrates bestiality, Christian mothers group says (VIDEO)


A Christian women's group says that the new Geico commercial featuring a pig on a date with a woman promotes bestiality.



A new commercial by the insurance company Geico that sees a pig and a woman on a date promotes bestiality, says a Christian group.

One Million Moms says that the commercial is sleazy and gives kids the wrong idea about animals, said ABC News.

"It was just a pretty sleazy type of commercial because the girl [in the commercial] was really disappointed when she realized they wouldn't be able to pass the time alone together," said Monica Cole, Director of One Million Moms, according to Gawker.

"Kids are drawn to animals. That's normal. Animals are cute... but there's a big concern when kids are being desensitized to this kind of thing."

The advertisement sees Maxwell the Pig in a car with a woman talking.

They are having auto troubles and the pig pulls out his cell phone to get help.

“Did you just turn your ringer off so no one would interrupt us?” the woman asks the pig.

“Uh, no. I just used my Geico app to get a tow truck,” Maxwell replies. “He’s going to be here in 30 minutes.”

“Oh, so that means we won’t be stuck up here for hours with nothing to do,” says the woman.

Okay, it's a little creepy...

But promoting bestiality? Probably not.

One Million Moms has made bestiality accusations before.

Last year, they said a Skittles commercial promoted bestiality between humans and walruses.

They've also attacked JC Penney for hiring noted homosexual Ellen Degeneres as its spokesperson, calling for a boycott of the stores.