AFP hacked with pro-Assad tweets, photos


Journalists arrive at the Agence France Presse headquarters in Paris on January 4, 2013.



Pro-Assad hackers compromised the Twitter account for Agence France-Presse photographers today, posting graphic images and anti-American tweets.

The account was suspended as the French news agency worked to restore order, but The Atlantic Wire managed to save some of the tweets.

Although there’s no claim of responsibility, the tweets were obviously from backers of embattled Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Among them were photos of pro-Assad rallies and especially graphic images showing dead bodies of a mother and child juxtaposed with President Obama and the first family.

Alongside the manipulated image was the following: “A comparison between the #Obama family and his treatment of a family in Pakistan.”

Text over the photo said “Family killed by Obama drones.”

AFP sent a tweet later saying it had been victimized.

Just two weeks ago, AFP proudly announced it was launching Tumblr and Twitter accounts specifically for its photojournalists. The Tumblr account showed no evidence of hacking, and the Twitter account was relatively new with about 3,600 followers.

“Whether impacting, emblematic, enigmatic or historical, a photo can become a hit on the social networks within minutes. With the launch of these two photo platforms, AFP shares the wealth of its content and once again demonstrates the excellent work of its photojournalists,” AFP CEO Emmanuel Hoog said in a press release on Feb. 14.

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