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She climbed Mount Everest twice in a week


Nepalese climber Chhurim Sherpa, who holds the world record for women summiting Mount Everest twice in one climbing season on May 12, 2012 and May 19, 2012, poses with her Guinness World Record certificate in Kathmandu on February 25, 2013. A Nepalese was the first woman to climb Everest twice in a season, Guinness World Records confirmed Monday, scaling the world's highest mountain within a week.


Prakash Mathema

A Nepalese woman who scaled Mount Everest twice in a week was recognized by the Guinness World Records on Monday.

Chhurim, 29, climbed the tallest mountain in the world on both May 12, 2012 and May 19.

The Associated Press reported that the Nepalese Tourism Minister gave her a certificate by Guinness World Records Monday in a ceremony.

Chhurim goes by only one name like other sherpas who take visitors up Nepal's mountains.

"To climb Everest is very difficult for women like me because there are no toilets," she told reporters after the ceremony, reported AFP.

"Five of us had to share a tent."

The first woman to climb Everest was in 1993 but she died on the descent.

Mt. Everest has been climbed by about 4000 people, only a fraction of which - 21 - were women.

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