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A Boost for Electrical Vehicles in Northern Europe


Estonian quick charger in action (Photo: ELMO)

Plugging in and recharging your electric vehicle's (EV) car battery just got a little easier in the Baltic country we're looking for on Monday.

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It's installed a new network of electric car quick battery chargers all around the country.

They're scattered all the way from Narva on the Russian border, to Haapsalu, to Talinn, the capital on the Gulf of Finland.

This country's no stranger to innovation. The government has long championed using computers and the internet in the classroom. And its computer programmers get credit for inventing Skype.

Now the country's embracing renewable energy and electric cars.

"The earlier we learn the problems of this technology and the challenges the better we are prepared for the future, that's our motto here," says Jarmo Tuisk, head a new electromobility program.

So can you name the Northern European country we're talking about?

We've got to plug in and charge our batteries to get to the answer to Monday's Geo Quiz.

That's because our European destination is one of the first countries to install a nationwide system of quick chargers.

Jarmo Tuisk is in charge of the new electromobility program in Estonia, the answer to our quiz.

Estonia with its relatively small population of about 1.2 million, has approximately 600 all-electric cars, of which 500 are used by public agencies and about 100 by private drivers.

That's just one electric vehicle for every 1,000 cars, but Tuisk sees it as a challenge.

"Now is the time to really press the pedal and move forward in electrical mobility," he says.

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    Map of the nationwide EV fast-charging network (Photo: ELMO, Electromobility in Estonia)


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