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Airport freak outs you need to see


A passenger holds her head in frustration while dealing with extraordinary baggage delays during the opening day of Bangkok's new Suvarnabhumi airport, on Sept. 28, 2006.


Saeed Khan

Yan Linkun, deputy chairman of the Yunnan Mining Corporation, was caught on video violently destroying an airport check-in counter after missing his flight out of Kunming Changshui International Airport.

After being denied entrance on a flight to Shenzhen, Linkun threw a temper tantrum.

Watch here:

Yunnan Mining Corporation officials were quick to suspend Yan and have ordered him to apologize for his actions. However, these recent hijinks are far from the only well-known instance of outlandish airport and in-flight behavior.

Take a peek at some of GlobalPost's favorites below:

1) Man slaps woman's toddler

Flying brings out the crabbiness in anyone, but one Idaho man could really use a lesson in patience.

A Delta Air Lines flight from Minneapolis, Minn., to Atlanta, Ga., on Feb. 8 turned out to be way more eventful than any passengers had planned. As the plane began its final descent, a crying toddler quickly became inconsolable.

Joe Rickey Handley demanded that the mother quiet her child. When things did not go according to plan, Handley decided to slap the disgruntled 19-month-old across the face.

Long story short, Handley was charged with simple assault, according to a US District Court affidavit.

Handley is the former president of Unitech Composites and Structures, an aerospace company based in Hayden, Idaho. Shortly after the incident, Unitech's parent company — AGC Aerospace & Defense — opted to part ways with Handley.

Handley appeared in court on Feb. 19.

2) Cathay Pacific passenger

The video of the Cathay Pacific passenger who became distraught after missing her flight has blown up on YouTube. The cell phone video shows this woman screaming hysterically and writhing on the floor of the Hong Kong Airport.

Apparently the woman missed her flight to San Francisco by only a couple minutes, but because the doors had already closed she was unable to board. Say what you want about her antics, but she ultimately got on a later flight to Los Angeles at no extra cost.

3) Freak out at Logan International Airport

Not much more to this one than what meets the eye.

4) Seat upgrade gets one passenger really upset

One traveler's free upgrade on a JetBlue flight from New York City to San Diego seriously bothered another female passenger.

A 42-year-old woman on the same JetBlue flight soon got upset about the free upgrade, and it didn't take long for things to get physical. When the female passenger started an altercation with a flight attendant, an Air Marshal got involved and forced the plane to be diverted to Denver. The unhappy 42-year-old was taken off the plane, while the more well-behaved patrons were able to continue on to their final destination.