Iran claims to have captured another "enemy drone" (VIDEO)


An Iranian boy holds a portrait of supreme leader Ayatollah Ali khamenei as he walks past a replica of the captured US RQ-170 drone on display next to the Azadi (Freedom) tower during the 33rd anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Tehran on February 11, 2012.



Iran claimed on Feb 23rd that it had managed to successfully shoot down and capture yet another "enemy drone," not long after similar December claims that the Iranian military had captured a device of US make in its airspace.

Iran's Fars News Agency claims that "experts" brought down a drone that entered Iranian airspace near a current wargames zone in the south.

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The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps added that it allegedly has pictures of the device, and is mulling over the possibility of releasing them to the international media.

In December 2011, Iran downed an American drone in the nation's northeast, and refuse to return it to the US at the request of Barack Obama.

Iran claims to have decoded and released the footage from this device, writes CNN.

Iranian authorities claimed to have downed another drone in December of 2012, but defense officials told CNN that the device did not originate in the US.

According to the Fars news agency, the Iranian Navy is working on drones of its own, unmanned aerial devices that can be launched from submarines and will have different flying ranges.

In other Iranian news, the nation claimed over the weekend that it had discovered enough new uranium deposits to "triple" the size of its internationally unpopular nuclear program — mere days before scheduled UN talks about nuclear concerns.

Here's the footage Iran alleges is from the drone downed in 2011: