Oscar Pistorius wants to contact Reeva Steenkamp's family


Oscar Pistorius is driven from the courthouse Friday for his uncle's luxury home in Pretoria.

Paralympic star Oscar Pistorius, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend, would like to contact Reeva Steenkamp's family, his uncle said Saturday. 

"We don't want to put him under pressure but while we were in the car, that is what he said," Arnold Pistorius told the eNews Channel Africa (eNCA), The Guardian reported.

"The family of Reeva is in his mind all the time and he knows his purpose would be to be part of the family in future."

It is not known whether the Steenkamp family are ready to see him.

The late model's father, Barry Steenkamp, told South Africa's Beeld newspaper that Pistorius would have to "live with his conscience" if he was lying about how he had killed her.

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The Afrikaans-language Beeld newspaper quoted Barry Steenkamp as saying Pistorius, 26, will "suffer" on his own if he is not telling the truth about how he killed his 29-year-old girlfriend.

He also said he might one day be able to forgive Pistorius if his story of mistaking Reeva for an intruder is true.

Pistorius was at his uncle's luxury home Saturday after being released on bail of 1m rand (£74,000) Friday, AP reported.

The Pistorious family said in a statement it was relieved to have Oscar home and would wait for the law to run its course, ABC News reported.

"We realize that the law must run its course, and we would not have it any other way," Arnold Pistorius said in a statement on Saturday.

"We are extremely thankful that Oscar is now home."

His next hearing is set for June 4.