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Michelle Obama 'mom-dancing' video with Jimmy Fallon goes viral (VIDEO)


First lady Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon's version of "mom-dancing" has gone viral.

First lady Michelle Obama is drawing rave reviews for her "mom-dancing" with late show host Jimmy Fallon.

In a sketch airing Friday night before a sit-down interview with Fallon, the pair struck many an awkward pose during a performance entitled "The Evolution of Mom Dancing."

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The video was a spoof on the wildly popular "Evolution of Dance" video which went viral and has been viewed more than 200 million times on YouTube, according to MSNBC.

Fallon donned a pink cardigan and wig while busting a move with FLOTUS.

They did all the signature mom moves, naming them things like "Just The Hands Part Of 'All The Single Ladies,'" and "The 'Where's Your Father?' (Get Him Back Here!)"

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Obama then goes solo for what can only be described as an epic finale.

The first lady went on to tell Fallon that she frequently tries to embarrass her two daughters with her dance moves, and has a leg up on her husband, President Barack Obama.

Social media users appeared to agree, with one viewer saying "Michelle Obama can certainly dance better than the president."

Here is the first lady and Fallon's performance, followed by a clip of her interview: