Horsemeat should be fed to the poor, German minister says


What's in your burger? You may not want to know.


Matt Cardy

Horsemeat might sound gross, but German politician Hartwig Fischer says that the stigma isn't based in science. And to prove it, he ate the horsemeat himself. In a stunt he pulled with Gerrmany's Bild newspaper, Fischer posed for a reporter as he enthusiastically ate up horsemeat frozen lasagna. Bild newspaper has photos and video footage of the horsemeat consumption.

"This is good. I cannot tell the difference from other lasagnas," Fischer said. This particular horsemeat product was packaged by Italian company Primia.   

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Fischer did the p.r. stunt as a way to argue that products that have horsemeat should be donated to aid organizations instead of being thrown away. German Development Minister Dirk Niebel also supports the proposal.  "More than 800 million people in the world are starving. Even in Germany, there are unfortunately people who are financially strapped, even for food … I think we cannot throw away good food here in Germany," Niebel told Deutsche Welle.

Should aid organizations trust the politicians' lasagna analysis? Maybe not. France's agriculture ministry said several horse carcasses containing the drug phenylbutazone could have entered the human food chain, BBC News reported

Hm, in that case, here's a better idea: instead of being wasteful and throwing horsemeat away, let's feed it to the executives at Primia, Nestle and other companies suckered into the horsemeat scandal.