Suicide bombers kill 3 in Iraq's Mosul: police


An Iraqi police officer looks at people fishing by the Tigris river facing the Shahid (martyr) Monument, which commemorates Iraqi soldiers killed in the Iran-Iraq war, in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on February 7, 2013.



At least three policemen were killed by suicide bombers on Thursday in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, according to Reuters.

The attackers reportedly rammed their vehicles into police checkpoints, a bold assault that comes amid rising violence there. 

Extremists have upped attacks around the nation as the country's Sunnis have been taking to the streets in protest against the government. They accuse Shiite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's administration of political corruption and human rights abuses -- especially religious discrimination.

The unrest appears to have enflamed sectarian tensions nationwide, with over 20 people killed in predominantly Shiite Baghdad areas on Sunday, reported Agence-France Press

Today's attack in the north comes a day after authorities arrested 12 suspected al-Qaeda-linked insurgents in a raid in the town of Rubaia, which is west of Mosul, according to the US-funded Al-Shorfa news website.