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The Race for Space Rocks: Meteorite Hunter Travels the Globe


Meteorite Hunter, Michael Farmer holding a piece of meteorite found at Battle Mountain, Nevada in August of 2012 (Photo: Michael Farmer)

Soon after the shock wore out from a meteor exploding over Russia last week, the race began to collect all those space rock fragments that fell from the sky.

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Right away you could find pieces of the meteorite for sale on Ebay and Russian websites.

But scientists and meteorite collectors in the know contacted one man.

Michael Farmer has been a full-time meteorite hunter.

He's traversed the globe for the past 17 years in search of these cosmic souvenirs and he has sometimes found himself in rather dicey situations.

He was once kidnapped in Kenya and also thrown in jail in Oman. But, nothing seems to be too risky for Farmer when it comes to collecting meteorites.

Anchor, Aaron Schachter speaks with Farmer about his wheeling and dealing in space rocks.