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Columbia reviewing science professor's strip show during lesson in quantum mechanics (VIDEO)


Professor Emlyn Hughes strips in a still shot from a video posted on the Columbia website,

Columbia University is reviewing an alleged incident in which a science professor stripped down and changed into other clothes in front of students.

Professor Emlyn Hughes is also accused of including video footage of the Sept. 11 attacks, Osama bin Laden and Hitler during his lecture on quantum mechanics in the Frontiers of Science class on Monday morning.

And he involved two other people dressed in black — supposedly ninjas — with one of them using a sword to destroy a stuffed animal, the Associated Press reported

Lil Wayne's “Drop It Like It’s Hot” reportedly played in the background during the class.

Columbia Spectator quoted Darializa Chevalier as saying she was caught off guard:

"I walked in the class, and the lights were out, so I thought something was off. Then the song comes on, and we were like, 'What version of "Drop It Like It’s Hot" is this?'"

Danielle Niemann said she didn’t recognize Hughes:

"I was very confused. I didn’t know if it was the professor or some crazy person. I thought I was maybe asleep and it was a dream."

Video of the event was posted to the, Columbia's monthly undergraduate magazine online. 

The Atlantic suggested that while it was not an original idea, professors taking their clothes off in front of college kids was an ineffective way of making a point.

In 2011, a Northwestern professor achieved national fame for hosting a demonstration of a motorized dildo, and in 2012 a Michigan professor was arrested after suddenly shucking all of his clothes during a confusing rant about Steve Jobs.

Hughes reportedly did not respond to an email from the AP seeking comment.

A university statement said administrators were reviewing the incident