Yemeni rescue workers and security forces gather at the site where a military aircraft crashed in the residential al-Qadissiya neighborhood in Sanaa on February 19, 2013.

At least 12 people are reported dead after a fighter plane crashed into Yemen's capital, Sanaa.

The Yemeni air force SU-22 attack aircraft was on a training mission when it ploughed into a residential street in the west of the city, according to officials.

Security sources told Reuters that two children, three women and four men were killed, and at least 11 people wounded.

Reuters said the pilot had ejected from the plane, but an Interior Ministry spokesman later told the Associated Press that he too was killed.

Medical officials fear more bodies will be found among the rubble.

The plane is said to have hit two houses. Eyewitnesses told Reuters that emergency workers emerged carrying "completely burned bodies, they were all unrecognizable."

It's not clear what caused the crash. The Interior Ministry said a military investigation was ongoing.

According to Agence France-Presse, Yemen's air force has a base around nine miles north of Sanaa.

In November 2012, one of its military transport planes crashed nearby, also during a training mission. All 10 people onboard were killed.

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