Pirates take 6 foreigners captive near Nigeria: Report


Pirates utilize the hidden coves and lack of marine patrol in the Gulf of Guinea to attack ships headed to and from rich port cities in West Africa. Unlike these Somali pirates seen preparing their boat for attacks, the Gulf of Guinea pirates do not usually hold ships for ransom.


Mohamed Dahir

Pirates reportedly took six foreign sailors captive off the coast on Nigeria, according to security sources cited by Reuters on Tuesday.

Three Ukrainians, two Indians, and one Russian were said to have been taken captive on Sunday in what would be the third kidnapping incident in Nigerian waters in the last 10 days, said security reports.

The International Maritime Bureau said the attack on the Armada Tuah took place about 40 miles off the Nigerian coast in the Brass oil area, according to Reuters

The incident has yet to be confirmed and additional details were not immediately available.

Piracy is on the rise throughout Western Africa's Gulf of Guinea region.