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Jeep's Twitter hacked: Says 'sold to Cadillac'


Jeep's Twitter account was hacked, and BET's Twitter account appeared to be hacked as well.



Jeep is following in Burger King's unfortunate social media footsteps.

On Tuesday afternoon, Jeep's Twitter account appeared to be hacked by the same people who had hacked Burger King's account the day before.

On Monday, Burger King's Twitter account gained tens of thousands of new followers after it was hacked. It remains unclear who was responsible. The hacker group LulzSec, affiliated with Anonymous, was mentioned in the hacked tweets.

According to Computer World, the Burger King account gained nearly 60,000 followers after the hack, which changed the account's icon and bio to say "sold to McDonalds."

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Just as Jeep seemed back in control on Tuesday (with Cadillac denying any involvement in the hack), the television channel BET's Twitter was "taken over" by hackers posing as rival channel MTV.

UPDATE: It turns out, BET's account being hacked was staged with MTV in advance.

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