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Beware, Hotmail fans: Outlook is coming for your email


Microsoft said Tuesday that Hotmail would slowly be replaced by Outlook.


Alex Tan

Are you a Hotmail user — a veteran of one of the world's first "cloud" email services? Prepare to be upgraded to Microsoft's new, as the company phases out the Hotmail brand. has operated in "preview" mode for six months to resounding success, picking up a whopping 60 million users in that brief time period, according to Microsoft.

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"As comes out of preview, we're also announcing that we will soon upgrade every Hotmail user to," Microsoft said of the switch.

"The upgrade is seamless and instant for people who use Hotmail."

Microsoft added that the "upgrade" will likely be complete by the time summer rolls around, meaning that Hotmail lovers can savor a few more golden days with that cyan-and-white email format they've contented themselves with since middle school.

"It’s not a light brand decision," Dharmesh Mehta, senior director of product management for and SkyDrive, said to the Los Angeles Times.

"I don’t know of any other company that has hundreds of thousands of users and has changed the brand name. But this is something new, an opportunity to set us up for the future."