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Belarus teddy bear protest sees border guard locked up (VIDEO)


A Belarusian border guard received a two-year prison sentence Monday after a Belarus court said he failed to stop a teddy bear drop protest.


Victor Drachev

A court in Belarus handed down a two-year prison sentence to a border guard who failed to stop a teddy bear protest.

The July protest saw two Swedish activists fly a light plane into Belarusian airspace and drop dozens of stuffed animals with human rights slogans on them, said BBC.

The animals dropped to Earth with mini parachutes.

Two other generals have already been fired from their positions for not stopping the aircraft from entering the country, said AP.

The court would not give the name or rank of the jailed officer.

The guard will serve his sentence at a maximum-security prison.

Swedish advertising agency Studio Total claimed responsibility for dropping the bears, said RT, saying they acted in solidarity with human rights activists.

The plane took off from Lithuania.