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Acupuncture can help with seasonal allergies, study shows


Acupuncture was found to help with seasonal allergies temporarily in a new study by German researchers.


Mark Ralston

A new study says that acupuncture can help with seasonal allergies like hay fever.

Researchers in Germany found that regular acupuncture treatments in patients saw a reduction in allergy symptoms, at least temporarily.

The study looked at 422 people that had pollen allergies and grass allergies, said MedPage Today.

The patients were separated with some receiving acupuncture and some no treatment at all.

Those who had acupuncture treatment saw some relief in their symptoms over eight weeks.

However, the patients' symptoms were only relieved for the eight weeks and then returned, said HealthDay.

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The hay fever was fully resolved by the 16th week as the allergy season was ending.

Reuters quoted Harold Nelson, an allergy specialist at the National Jewish Health in Denver, Colorado as saying:

"This is pretty invasive, particularly when you compare it to something like spraying a nasal steroid in your nose once a morning."  

"It's also more time consuming, and requires finding a qualified, licensed acupuncturist. I wouldn't personally go that route."

The findings were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.