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11-year-old girl beats cancer, catches fire in hospital


An 11-year-old cancer survivor in Oregon spontaneously caught fire while she was in hospital. Investigators still don't know what caused the girl to burst into flames.


Chris Graythen

An 11-year-old cancer survivor caught fire in an Oregon hospital Friday after she was admitted for a head injury.

Ireland Lane, was in hospital for a head injury unrelated to her cancer and was said to have spontaneously burst into flames.

Fox News said that the girl was making an arts and crafts project for nurse before catching fire.

She ran into the hallway of the hospital in flames.

Her father, who was sleeping in her room, ran to her and smothered her in blankets, reported KGW.

The hospital said they have not found the cause of the fire.

There was no open flame nearby.

Lane had just used hand sanitizer provided by the hospital but it is unclear what would have ignited the gel.

An ABC News affiliate reported that Ireland suffered third degree burns to 18 percent of her body and is in the same hospital recovering.

She is in serious condition.

It is unclear what cancer she had before the incident.