Marc Dutroux's mother opposes early release


The entrance to the convent of the order of nuns known as the Poor Claires in Malonne. Michelle Martin, the ex-wife and accomplice of notorious paedophile killer Marc Dutroux, will be allowed to live here after a court granted her "conditional release" from prison.



The mother of Belgian child killer Marc Dutroux doesn't believe that her son should be released on parole in article published the morning before Belgium's top court rules on whether to let Dutroux out of jail.

Dutroux was convicted of kidnapping and raping six girls in the 1990s. He killed four of them, France 24 reported, but has appealed for early release from his life sentence.

Jeannine Dutroux, in one of her first public comments since Dutroux was jailed in 2004, said that she was sure that her son would only reoffend if he was released.

"Marc isn't ready to be released because he still wants to attribute to others the responsibility for what he did," she told the French magazine Le Soir.

Dutroux's wife and accomplice, who was sentenced to serve a 30-year sentence was granted parole in 2012. She has since moved into a convent.

The Dutroux case is especially sensitive in Belgium, not only because of the horrific natures of the murders, but also because Belgium's courts released both Marc and his wife after they were arrested for kidnapping charges.

Additionally, in 1995, Belgian police visited the couple's home when two of their victims had been in the house, but they failed to find them.

Dutroux's mother isn't the only one opposed to his release. According to France 24, psychoanalysts advised against release, pointing to recent comments Dutroux had made about his victims, claiming that he treated them with humanity.