Egyptian court rejects draft parliamentary election law


A protestor wearing a Guy Fawkes mask is sprayed as Egyptian security use water cannons to disperse anti-government protestors throwing stones into the grounds of the al-Kobaa Presidential palace in Cairo, on Feb. 15, 2013.


Mohamed El-Shahed

Egypt's court rejected as unconstitutional five articles in a preliminary election law on Monday, according to Bloomberg News.

The draft was sent back to Egypt's temporary legislature for revision, possibly postponing a parliamentary poll that was expected in April, according to Reuters

"The court has returned the draft parliamentary electoral law to the Shura Council after making five observations on five articles which it found unconstitutional," a court statement said.

It's unclear what exactly the court found unconstitutional.

In early February, Yasser Ali, a spokesman for President Mohamed Morsi, said: “We have two months or even less to wait until the elections to the lower house of the new Egyptian parliament, the People's Assembly."

Now, it looks as if that may change.