President Obama spends day golfing with Tiger Woods


US President Barack Obama (2nd L) putts on the first green at Farm Neck Golf Course in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, August 23, 2011, with Vernon Jordan (L), White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson (2nd R) and Eric Whitaker (R).


Jim Watson

President Barack Obama, who is in Florida for a three-day weekend, spent the day golfing with Tiger Woods, CBS News reported.

Obama, who played over a hundred rounds of golf last summer, has been criticized by some Republicans for the amount of time he's spent on the course, ABC News said.

However, as ABC News noted, there are a number of other US presidents who spent far more time on the course. Woodrow Wilson played a reported 1,200 rounds during his presidency, while Dwight Eisenhower played some 800.

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Unlike Obama, who is relatively new to the sport, Woods is currently is the second highest ranking golfer, ABC News said.

Woods made international headlines in 2009 when his extramarital affairs came to light.