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Norway plans 12 hour broadcast of...burning wood


Norwegian public television broadcast a 12 hour block of burning wood with "color commentary" on February 15th.

Always wanted to watch wood burn for 12 hours straight on television, but never got the chance?

Norwegian public television has your back: the NRK network broadcast just for on February 15th, complete with "colour commentary."

"We'll talk about the very nerdy subjects like burning, slicing and stacking the wood, but we'll also have cultural segments with music and poems," said NRK producer Rune Moeklebust to Reuters about the upcoming programming, adding that it will be "very slow but noble television."

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The "woodathon" was called Hel Ved, and included footage and advice on such topics as chopping, stacking, and burning one's wood, wrote the BBC — a topic apparently dear to the heart of the often-chilly Norwegian people.

The program was in part based on the remarkably popular "Hel Ved" book, a rumination on the meaning and culture of firewood by Norwegian author Lars Mytting.

If you're desperate to watch wood burn but don't have a fireplace (or live in Norway), this footage of a crackling Yule log will hopefully help fill the hole in your heart.