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Great Weekend Reads

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A meteorite exploded over Russia, the pope announced his resignation, President Obama gave his annual State of the Union Address, and in India, Love Commandos continued their fight in the name of love.

No matter how you cut it, it's been a big week for the world. Here's a sampling of the news you may have missed.

Meteorite explosion over Russia injures nearly 1,000 (LIVE BLOG)
The massive explosion, which injured hundreds, was caught on video by numerous shocked onlookers.



China attempts to manufacture "Shangri-La"
A dusty logging town tries to recreate itself in the image of the Lost Horizon utopia. Tackiness ensues.




Sex slaves are unceremoniously dumped back in Nigeria
After being tricked into sexual servitude, women are ostracized by family and government.




India: 'Love Commandos' fight back against honor killings
As inter-caste 'love marriages' become increasingly common, a Guardian Angels-style vigilante group has emerged to protect young couples.




Benedict, 'pope of ironies' steps down
Analysis: Neither peacemaker nor reformer, Pope Benedict hands along a church in crisis.




Drum roll, please...State of the Union, 2013!
From North Korea nukes to Afghanistan pullout, global problems weigh heavily as Obama seeks to capitalize on the single best moment for his legislative agenda.



In Morsi's Egypt, violence and suspicion
Some worry the assassination of a prominent opposition activist in Tunisia is a harbinger of things to come for Egypt.




Pistorius shooting highilghts South Africa's crime problem
When Oscar Pistorius allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend, South Africa had already been gripped by national soul-searching over endemic violence in society.



Venezuela releases first photos of sick Chavez
Venezuela state TV is airing the first images of post-op Hugo Chavez.





How Hitler helped make Hollywood
This week's Berlin Film Festival celebrates German film in exile.





The Great Divide: In Topeka, Kansas, a 'new generation of poverty' feels rising inequality
In a deeply red state that is also part of President Obama's heritage, residents grapple with the government's inability to stem America's rising inequality.