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Walter Unbehaun, 73, robs Chicago bank so he can return to prison


This image purportedly shows Walter Unbehaun during the weekend bank robbery.

After spending most of his adult life behind bars, 73-year-old Walter Unbehaun decided he wanted to return to prison where he felt more comfortable.

So, he robbed a bank.

Unbehaun, armed with a walking stick and silver revolver, stole $4,178 from a Chicago bank on Saturday, the Associated Press reported.

He allegedly told the teller: “I only have six months to live and have nothing to lose. I don’t want to hurt you,” the Lake County News-Sun reported, citing a federal complaint filed in court.

Unbehaun, who made no attempt to disguise himself, was quickly identified and arrested the following day.

“He wanted to do something that would guarantee that he would spend the rest of his life in prison, and he knew that robbing a bank with a loaded gun would accomplish that,” according to the complaint signed by FBI agent Chad Piontek, the Daily Mail reported.

Unbehaun was released from jail in 2011 after serving 10-years for another bank robbery.

The AP said he has been convicted of “multiple other felonies dating back decades.”

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