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Video of the Day: Valentine's Day Edition


A red heart-shaped balloon lays in the snow.



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In Japanese culture, modesty and reticence are traditionally valued over outspokeness and PDA, even between married couples. So it shouldn't come as surprise that when it comes to expressing feelings of the heart, the Japanese have not generally been considered to be pioneers of over-the-top romantic gestures.

For the past 5 years, however, Tokyo's Aisaika ("Devoted Husbands") Organization has encouraged men to publically, and loudly, declare their feelings for their significant others on "Love Your Wife Day."

Dozens of men climb the stage at this "shout your love" event in a downtown Tokyo park, yelling in public what they struggle to say in private.

Declarations range from a simple "I'll love you forever" to expressions of gratitude for homemade boxed lunches:

"I'm sorry that I've gained weight over the last seven years," a suit-clad man yelled. "But that's because the meals you cook are so delicious."

For the shyer gentlemen who are clueless about how to express affection, instructions are even provided on how to hug their mates.

So on this day of love and romance, let's check our cynicism (and dignity) at the door and do as the Japanese do.

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