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New York woman dies after abortion at Germantown clinic


Medical students in the UK refuse to perform abortions due to religious and moral beliefs. Some students also refuse to treat patients with alcohol and drug-related ailments that contradict their religion.


Mark Ralston

Anti-abortion activists have gathered outside a clinic in upstate New York after a woman died following a late-term termination.

Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, who was 33 weeks pregnant, died after undergoing an abortion at a cilnic in Germantown, Maryland, on February 3, the Washington Post reported.

More than 150 pro-life demonstrators gathered near the clinic on Monday, calling for it to be shut down and its head, Dr LeRoy Carhart, charged with her death. 

“We will not rest until this clinic is shut down and the license of LeRoy Carhart is revoked. God let it be so,” the Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, told the gathered crowd. 

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Speakers at the rally said Morbelli underwent the procedure after learning of medical problems with her baby.

“It was a perfectly healthy young woman that died,” said Michael Martelli, executive director of the Maryland Coalition for Life.

Legal action against the clinic is under way by the woman's family, the Journal News reported.