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Long-time fan perishes at Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas after daily visits


The 2nd Avenue Deli won a court battle with the Heart Attack Grill (producers of Bypass Burgers, left) over the Instant Heart Attack, right.


A long-time fan and promoter of the Las Vegas Heart Attack Grill has died of a heart attack, after collapsing while waiting for a bus outside of his favorite restaurant.

Victim and unofficial Heart Attack Grill spokesman John Alleman was kept alive for nearly a week on life support, before his family decided on Monday to end the treatment, wrote the Las Vegas Sun.

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The Heart Attack Grill's Facebook page contained heartfelt remembrances of Alleman, who had become such a fixture at the restaurant that he had been afforded his own clothing line — as well as a number of critiques from the peanut gallery regarding their calorific menu.

"John was such a part of the HAG family. It's hard to look at our menu today without getting teary eyed," one of the updates read.

The Heart Attack Grill will close on the date of Alleman's funeral, according to the Facebook page, once it is determined.

Alleman is the second unofficial Heart Attack Grill "spokesman" to die in recent memory: in March 2011, 575-pound spokesman Blair River died of flu-related pneumonia at the age of 29, according to the Sun.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, this isn't the Heart Attack Grill's first brush with actual cardiac distress: in a few short months in  2012, two different people collapsed from suspected coronary events after eating a vastly caloric meal at the restaurant, which opened its doors in 2011.

The Heart Attack Grill's classily named Quadruple Bypass Burger contains a whopping 9,000 calories, earning it an honor (or is that a condemnation?) from the Guiness Book of World Records in April of last year.