Syria: Rebels capture al-Jarrah airbase


Members of Jihadist group Hamza Abdualmuttalib train near Aleppo on July 19, 2012.



Syrian rebels have captured a military air base near Aleppo, their second victory in two days.

According to the director of the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the rebels gained control of the al-Jarrah air base on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported.

BBC News reported that fighters took control of the air base after days of clashes between rebels and security forces. At least 40 government troops were killed in the clashes, and by capturing the base had gained access to MiG fighter jets.

Al-Jarrah is the second air base captured by the Syrian rebels. Last month, Syrian rebel forces  took control of the Taftanaz military base after weeks of fighting with President Bashar al Assad's forces.

Yesterday, rebel forces gained control of the al-Furat dam, which gives the rebel control over water and electricity. According to CBS News, the dam's capture has resulted in many warnings from a analysts that fear that in the wrong hands, the dam could flood large areas of Syria and Iraq.

BBC News reported that currently the dam is still operational-- fighters have been told not to interfere with the workers there.