Senate panel narrowly approves Hagel; full vote looms (VIDEO)


Former US Senator Chuck Hagel, President Barack Obama's nominee for US Secretary of Defense, testifies during his confirmation hearing before the Senate Armed Services Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on Jan. 31, 2013. Facing tough questions from some senators at his confirmation hearing, Hagel said in his opening remarks that he wanted to keep America's armed forces the strongest in the world and that he supported using military force to safeguard the country's interests.


Saul Loeb

The Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday approved President Barack Obama's controversial defense secretary nominee Chuck Hagel, sending the vote on to the full Senate for consideration later this week, according to CNN

No Republicans on the committee supported Hagel, reported CNN. The candidate was grilled by lawmakers last week in fiery confirmation hearings expected to make for a tight Senate vote later this week, provided that isn't blocked by Republicans as threatened, said BBC News.

On that note, The Washington Post said Senator John McCain's remarks suggest the nomination could be put on hold. The senator warned Tuesday that he does "not believe that we should move forward with his nomination until questions are answered," reported the Post. McCain was referring to some of Hagel's speeches and a letter he and other senators sent Obama concerning the Benghazi attack, said the Post

Hagel was also questioned aggressively over the Benghazi incident, where protests at the US embassy turned violent, killing the US ambassador and three others in September.

The committee vote was itself delayed last week with some lawmakers demanding more information regarding Hagel's finances, said BBC.

According to CNN's Capitol Hill team, barring a Republican filibuster, Hagel would pass a Senate vote. 

Here's video from the committee: