US protests Russia ban of American meat over additive concerns


A new study says that men link meat-eating with their masculinity, shunning vegetables.


Miguel Mendez

US officials on Monday hit out at Russia over a ban on American meat imports due to Moscow's concerns about the ractopamine feed addititive, reported Reuters

US Trade Representative Ron Kirk and US Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack together released a statement decrying the move, saying: "The United States is very disappointed that Russia has taken action to suspend all imports of US meat, which is produced to the highest safety standards in the world," according to Reuters

Ractopamine is a stimulant used to cut down on fat in meat, one US officials claim has been cleared for use by official health organizations. Kirk and Vilsack described it as "completely safe for livestock and for humans," according to The Hill

Washington also called on Moscow to respect its obligations as a new member of the World Trade Organization, said Reuters. Russia spent 19 years lobbying for membership. 

"The United States calls on Russia to restore market access for US meat and meat products immediately and to abide by its obligations as a member of the World Trade Organization," said Kirk and Vilsack, reported The Hill