Suicide bomber kills several in Iraq's Mosul


An Iraqi man reacts after a suicide bomber set off an explosives-packed car near a funeral procession in the predominately Shiite neighborhoud of Zafraniyah in Baghdad on Jan. 27, 2012.



A suicide car bomber on Monday killed eight people in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, police and medical personnel told Reuters

The attack hit a military post and wounded at least six soldiers, according to local officials.  

The Associated Press reported only four killed in the attack, citing local officials who also said it as the work of a bomb-strapped truck. 

Violence has been on the rise in Iraq in tandem with growing protest from the country's Sunnis, who say they are being discriminated against by the Shiite-led government. 

Martin Kobler, the United Nations' Iraq envoy told AP on Monday that "there is more the government could do" to appease the Sunni majority. Baghdad has assembled a committee tasked with addressing their concerns. 

"We have the impression that a lot of the problems [raised by the demonstrators] are rule of law, human rights problems, the situation in detention centers," Kobler told AP.

"And these are all problems the government can solve tomorrow."

Government officials did not respond immediately to Kobler's comments, according to AP