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Obama presents Clinton Romesha with Medal of Honor (VIDEO)



Former Army Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha is due to receive the Medal of Honor on February 11, 2013.



President Barack Obama presented former US Army Staff Sgt. Clinton Romesha with a Medal of Honor on Monday afternoon.

"Clint is a pretty humble guy," Obama said, before detailing Romesha's acts of heroism during a firefight in Afghanistan four years ago.

Romesha, 31, was posted at Command Outpost Keating in Afghanistan, where eight American soldiers lost their lives in an intense firefight against Taliban in 2009.

"These 53 Americans were surrounded by more than 300 Taliban fighters," said Obama, describing the conditions of the rugged and remote outpost as "tactically indefensible."

Obama read the names of those killed on that day, and also recognized soldiers who were present during the firefight.

"Yes, they fight for their country. Yes, they fight for our freedom. They fight to come home. But most of all, they fight for each other, to keep each other safe and to have each other’s backs," Obama said.

"I would ask these soldiers, this band of brothers, to stand and accept the gratitude of our entire nation."



Romesha is only the fourth living Medal of Honor recipient from the Afghanistan war, PBS noted.

According to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, there are three living and three deceased recipients of the Medal of Honor for the war in Afghanistan.

CNN's Jake Tapper told NPR about Romesha's actions in October 2009, when Romesha repeatedly risked his life to lead an assault to take back several buildings. He reportedly got ammunition to his men and killed three enemy fighters when they breached the defenses, said Tapper.

In a three-part series released by the Army about his actions, Romesha said, "I always felt like we could have done just a little bit more, could have been just a little bit faster, could have been just a little bit better."

Watch part President Obama's speech here: