Baby attacked by fox in London home


The average fox weighs around 15 pounds. The largest fox shot in Britain on record? 38 pounds.


Natalia Kolesnikova

A four-week-old baby is recovering after a fox dragged him from his cradle and bit one of his fingers off.

The attack happened Wednesday while the infant was sleeping, BBC News reported.

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The baby's mother told authorities she heard screaming followed by a loud thump as the baby was dragged to the floor.

She fought desperately to release him, kicking the fox repeatedly until it let go, The Daily Mail reported.

Surgeons were able to re-attach the baby's finger in a three-hour surgery.

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The baby also suffered puncture wounds to its forehead, but is recovering well, a source told The Daily Mail.

Locals said the family had moved out of their home following the attack.

In response, London Mayor Boris Johnson said more must be done to "tackle the problem of urban foxes," NBC News reported.

In 2010, a fox mauled baby twin girls as they slept in their cradles in east London. Both suffered scarring to their faces and arms.