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James Dresnok, US defector to North Korea, could be tweeting from Pyongyang


View of the North Korean town of Supung across the Yalu River from the Chinese town of Xiejiagou on February 9, 2013.


Mark Ralston

James Dresnok, also known as "Comrade Joe," is arguably one of the world's most controversial defectors. 

After he left his post as an American GI in 1962 to live in North Korea, both government's denied his existence. He lived quietly and anonymously until he was interviewed for the 2006 documentary about his life, "Crossing the Line." 

Perhaps Dresnok was not ready to slip back into the shadows, as website reported: a Twitter account under his name has been in service since 2009, and the tweets reportedly originate from Pyongyang. 

The account has not been verified by Twitter or other sources, and, as a reader of pointed out, "the account does not use North Korean romanization conventions to spell Korean names, again calling into question the authenticity of the account."

@JamesDresnok has tweeted just 23 times since 2009, so he's obviously not a social media enthusiast. But it is fun to speculate, isn't it? 

Read his tweets here: 

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