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Great Weekend Reads

An asteroid drew closer to earth, Anonymous launched OpLastResort, and the Chinese pile into planes, trains, and automobiles in an effort to get home in time for the Lunar New Year.

No matter how you cut it, it's been a big week for the world. Here is a sampling of stories you might have missed from this week.

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Sexual violence mars Egypt's once idealistic revolution
Activists say the attacks are planned, premeditated assaults aimed at tarnishing the image of the revolution and eradicating women from the public sphere.


5 signs that a North Korean nuclear test is imminent
Ready, set, agonize: Five signs of an impending nuclear test from North Korea.




A war on terror where rules don't apply
Analysis: The United States may have to abandon the moral high ground following embarrassing revelations about drone attacks and its treatment of terror uspects — even against its own citizens.



American Dream endures in one of the country's most equal areas
Sheboygan, Wisconsin has one of the most even distributions of income in the US, but the middle class now fights to preserve its properity.



Is Asteroid 2012 DA14 a threat to earth?
GlobalPost talked to an asteroid researcher from MIT about Asteroid 2012 DA14, Hollywood disaster movies, solar sails, and gravity tractors.




Can Google Maps make Africa safer?
An effort to add Nigeria's capital to Google Maps might improve its security.




Planet Pic: Chinese Lunar New Year
Hundreds of millions of Chinese will take trains, buses, boats, and cars as they journey home to celebrate the Lunar New Year.




England's shrinking middle class struggles to hold on
An anxious middle class in the United Kingdom shares many of the worries that keep the middle class in America up at night.




Anonymous' OpLastResort releases user information for thousands of US bank executives
Anonymous has released user and personal information belonging to 4,000 US community bank executives, in an escalation in their online battle against the US Department of Justice.


Blizzard 'Nemo': 2600 flights canceled as severe storm warnings issued for the Northeast (VIDEO)
Nemo prepares to hit the Northeast with a blizzard of potentially 'historic' proportions.