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Plato's olive tree uprooted in Athens, likely burned for firewood


A tree under which Plato taught his pupils was uprooted recently near Athens and likely burned for firewood.


Fethi Belaid

An ancient olive tree under which Plato taught his students was uprooted recently, likely to be burned for firewood.

Heavy taxes on home heating oil has forced many impoverished Greeks to burn wood to stay warm this winter.

Many have taken to the bare forests outside of Athens to illegally cut trees for their fireplaces.

Plato's tree, which is on an ancient path between Athens and the town of Elefsina, may have fallen victim to these desperate measures, said the Olive Oil Times

The tree was situated in a former olive grove which would have sat just outside Plato's famous academy.

It is unclear who uprooted the tree but local residents said either homeless people or gypsies, said the Greek Reporter.

The tree was believed to be about 2400 years-old.

It's not the first time tragedy has knocked on its trunk.

A bus driver crashed into the tree in 1975, killing and uprooting it.

In 1977, the tree began coming back to life reported the Associated Press.