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Rio Carnival to have pee patrols


Thousands of revellers take part in the traditional 'Cordao do Bola Preta' carnival band parade along Rio Branco avenue, in downtown Rio de Janeiro on february 18, 2012.


Vanderlei Almeida

Some lucky police officers in Rio de Janeiro will have a very special job to do during the 2013 Carnival. Rio has deployed thousands of agents to hunt for people peeing in public, Reuters reported. The agents have already detained hundreds of "mijões," or "pee-ers," in pre-Carnival rehearsals.

Last year, more than 800 people were arrested, Reuters reported at the time

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As GlobalPost reported last year, Rio is also trying to class the Carnival up with hundreds of garbage collectors working day and night. 

To cope with the urinary demands this year, the city has deployed 18,000 portable toilets around town, Reuters said. 

Still can't find a place to pee? Here's a tip: walk into a restaurant that you know has a good bathroom, stare thoughtfully at the menu for a few seconds, and then suddenly sprint to the toilets.