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Pubic lice endangered species due to grooming methods


Pubic lice numbers are dropping swiftly as grooming practices increasingly favor clear-cutting.



Pubic lice, or so-called "crabs," may be becoming extinct.

The reason? "Brazilian" waxes and "manscaping" have led to the destruction of their natural habitat: the wilds of the human groin.

Human depilation has driven the bloodsucking creatures to near collapse.

Bloomberg reported that in Sydney Australia, the main sexual health clinic hasn't seen a case since 2008.

Male cases have also fallen 80 percent in a decade.

“This decrease is probably due to an increase in grooming,” said a Canadian doctor at a Calgary sexual health clinic, reported the Gauntlet.

“The optimal habitat of pubic lice is the groin area so, with the popularity of waxing and shaving that area, it is not surprising that pubic lice populations would suffer.”

It is estimated that more than 80 percent of college students in the US remove some or all of their pubic hair, reported ABC News.

ioL News said that pubic lice is estimated to touch about two to 10 percent of people around the world.

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