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February is the worst month for sleep, study says


A new study from the UK says that February is the worst month for sleep.


Andrew Burton

Feeling groggy? Didn't sleep well last night?

That makes many of us apparently as February may be the worst month for sleep.

Researchers in the UK found that it takes an extra eight minutes to get to sleep in February compared with March.

We also are awake for an extra 10 minutes in the night, reported the Daily Mail.

The results stem from the Great British Sleep Survey that included over 21,000 participants both men and women.

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The massive survey is sponsored by Sleepio, an online sleep improvement system.

They found that more people report low energy in February than any other month out of the year.

The reasons are varied: home heating throws off our natural body temperatures and the short length of the day makes us depressed and unhappy, are likely the primary causes, said

Researchers tried to be cheery about the results.

"With Spring coming up, we’re at the tail end of a bad spell for sleep but the improvement in light levels in March will also bring better sleep," said Colin Espie, co-founder of Sleepio, reported the Daily Mail.