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Disabled goldfish swims with harness (VIDEOS)


A disabled goldfish named Ada is seen swimming in a handmade harness to keep her afloat.

A "buoyancy-challenged" goldfish is given a helping hand by its owner.

In a video that's gone viral, the disabled fish named Ada is seen swimming around an aquarium in a little wheelchair of sorts — a handmade harness that keeps her upright and prevents her from sinking to the bottom, CNET reported.

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Cue the collective "awwwww."

Turns out, the video was uploaded by YouTube user synirr in December 2010, but didn't make its way around the Web until being posted on this week.

While Ada may look "a little silly" in the sling, her owner wrote "it's better than lying at the bottom of the tank all day."

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Ada must be hand-fed since she can't swim to the top of the tank, but otherwise leads a pretty normal fish life.

According to The Sun, buoyancy problems are quite common in goldfish – often triggered by a damaged swimbladder.

Watch Ada in action: