Police officer who left gun in courthouse bathroom suspended


An Oakland police officer holds a shotgun as Occupy protesters are detained for attempting to block a street in Oakland, Calif., on May 1, 2012.


Justin Sullivan

Plymouth police officer Capt. John Rogers Jr. has been suspended for 20 days without pay after leaving his gun in a courthouse bathroom in January.

According to the Associated Press, Rogers, who had never been disciplined for this in his 28 years on the force, will also have to complete 10 days of unpaid extra duty because of his forgetfulness.

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He told the Patriot Ledger that he made a "major error" on Jan. 28 when he left his police issued Smith and Wesson .357 behind in the Wareham courthouse and thought he should be held to a higher standard because of his rank.

Fox Boston reported that after Rogers realized what he had done, he returned to the bathroom to retrieve his gun, but it was gone. It was found two days later in Freetown, Mass with its serial number scratched off. Police said someone who had appeared in court that day took the service weapon.

According to the Boston Globe, Police Chief Michael Botieri said Rogers "always presented himself in a professional manner and is a well-respected law enforcement officer in the area."