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Fuzzy South Africa fur seal caught on tape killing and eating...sharks (VIDEO)


A Great White shark jumps out of the water as it hunts Cape fur seals near False Bay, on July 4, 2010.


Carl de Souza

In a surprising reversal of animal roles, an adorable fur seal was caught on camera killing and eating five sharks in South Africa, displaying a predatory behavior that had never been witnessed before.

The photos were captured by Apex Shark Expeditions, a South African outfit that specializes in getting tourists closer to the impressive maw of the Great White, by means of reinforced shark cages.

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But the shark experts got a big surprise when they captured this series of photos portraying an innocent-looking fur seal busily killing and devouring five small blue sharks, said photographer and diving company owner Chris Fallows to the Daily Mail, who called the experience "terrible to watch."

South African fur seals are one of the favorite meals for many predatory shark species, and are often the unfortunate subjects of documentaries portraying the awe-inspiring attack behavior of the Great White.

It's been less than a banner week for sharks.

Great White Sharks, the 4,000 pound villain of the Jaws movies, may be added to California's endangered species list, as their numbers continue to decline, says the Mercury News.

Here's video of a sea lion eating a small Leopard Shark in what appears to be California, indicating that pinniped-on-shark violence may be more common than previously believed.