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Diabetes sufferers should eat Mediterranean diet, study says


A new study by researchers in the UK have shown that the Mediterranean diet may be best for diabetes sufferers.


Alexander Besant

A new study has shown that the Mediterranean diet may be a good fit for diabetes sufferers.

Reuters reported that diets using healthy fats and low in meat consumption were the best at lowering blood sugar and weight loss.

Researchers at Western Sussex Hospitals found that after reviewing seven different popular diets among diabetes type 2 patients, the Mediterranean diet was the best.

Four other diets were also found to be beneficial including low-carb, high-protein and low-glycemic index diets.

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The study reviewed the results of 20 earlier studies comparing diabetes' diets.

They found that those who ate a Mediterranean diet lost the most weight of all the others, said Reuters.

WebMd reported that a study in Italy in 2009 had similar results.

The study said that after four years of observation, 44 percent of patients on the Mediterranean diet required medication versus 70 percent of those on a normal diet.

The most recent study did not look at vegan or vegetarian diets.

The findings were published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.