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Muslim Girl Band Praagaash Quits After Fatwa Issued in Kashmir


Girl band Praagaash. (Photo:

The all-girl rock band, Praagaash caused quite a buzz in late 2012 when they were the only female group to compete in a Battle of the Bands in Srinagar, Kashmir.

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The band's name, Praagaash, means "From Darkness to Light," and the teenage rockers credit The Beatles and Billie Joe Armstrong as some of their musical influences.

But now after a slew of threatening messages on Facebook and a fatwa issued over the weekend by a top Kashmir cleric, the girls have called it quits.

Anchor, Marco Werman, interviews Nazir Masoodi, bureau chief of NDTV, an Indian TV network, who has been speaking with the teenage band members now in hiding.

Here's a video of one of the their performances – there have only been two: