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Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl parade packs city streets (VIDEO)


Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis enters M&T Bank Stadium with the Vince Lombardi Trophy during the team's Super Bowl parade on February 5, 2013, in Baltimore, Maryland. The Ravens captured their second Super Bowl by defeating the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday in New Orleans.


Patrick Smith

An estimated 200,000 people cheered as the Baltimore Ravens’ Super Bowl parade motored through Charm City today just 48 hours after the NFL team defeated the San Francisco 49ers for the league championship.

That’s a quick turnaround considering the celebration included purple and white confetti, elaborate decorations at city hall, convoy of military vehicles and a football-field parade float.

Maybe they’re leftovers from the team’s 2001 Super Bowl championship, or perhaps the city was very, very confident and had all the trappings on stand-by.

“The city of Baltimore – I love you for ever and ever and ever and ever,” said retiring linebacker Ray Lewis, according to The Associated Press.

“There is no place on this earth that’s better than Baltimore.”

The Ravens beat the Niners 34-31 on Sunday in New Orleans in what became an intense, exciting affair – eventually.

Baltimore built a 21-6 halftime lead, leading everyone to believe the Ravens were sizing their championship rings before Beyonce could belt out “Put a Ring on It.”

However, the former Destiny’s Child front woman knocked the lights out – almost literally – before a 30-minute delay sapped more than just the stadium’s energy.

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Her halftime show didn't cause the stadium outage, NFL officials said on Monday, it was a run-of-the-mill electrical problem.

An unwelcome electrical problem for the Ravens, who emerged from the 33-minute pause without a few watts of their own and allowed San Fran to charge back into the game with 17 straight points.

It wasn’t until a goal-line stand on the final play that the Ravens could officially celebrate in the Big Easy.

The delay to fix the stadium lights didn’t deter Americans watching on TV, either, with Nielsen saying today that an average of 108.7 million people watched.

If you factor in the power outage, that dropped to about 106.6 million who stayed tuned into the extended break.

Those who watched the celebration afterwards also caught some extra excitement, NBC News said.

MVP quarterback Joe Flacco dropped an F-bomb on live TV, telling teammates “it’s f---ing awesome.”

The Parents Television Council has asked the FCC to fine broadcaster CBS for not taking “precautions.”

This is the same group that hounded CBS during Janet Jackson’s infamous “wardrobe malfunction” in 2004.

Good luck, columnist Rev. Christopher Keating writes for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The FCC says it has 1.5 million outstanding complaints ahead of Flacco’s flack.

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