Chris Kyle, author of American Sniper, shot dead at Texas gun range


An assortment of rifles and shotguns at a gun expo in El Paso, Texas, USA, on March 13, 2011.



Chris Kyle, a former Navy SEAL and the author of "American Sniper," was shot and killed at a Texas gun range on Saturday.

According to the Associated Press, Kyle, and a second man, were found dead at the Rough Creek Lodge's shooting range, located west of Glen Rose, a town 50 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

Kyle's bestselling book, "American Sniper," chronicled his experience as a sniper in the US military. He wrote that he killed more than 150 insurgents between 1999 and 2009.

The motive for the shooting remains unclear.

Speaking to Reuters, "American Sniper's co-author, Scott McEwan said that "It just comes as a shock and it's staggering to think that after all Chris has been through, that this is how he meets his end, because there are so many ways he could have been killed" in Iraq.