Egypt protests: Presidential palace attacked, one dead (VIDEO)


Egyptian riot policemen set fire in the tents of the protesters in front of the gate of the presidential palace in Cairo on February 1, 2013, as people took to the streets across the country in a show of opposition to Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood. Egyptian security used water cannon and fired shots into the air as protesters threw petrol bombs and stones into the grounds of the presidential palace.



At least one protester was shot dead Friday as riot police clashed with demonstrators attacking Egypt's presidential palace.

Another protester, who was caught on video being beaten naked in the streets by police, has garnered an apology from Egypt's government and has opposition members calling for the Interior Minister's resignation. 

The Interior Ministry issued a statement saying that the beating was an "individual incident" and not protocol for the police, and that the beating would be investigated with "objectivity and transparency," the New York Times reported

President Morsi’s office also issued a statement saying that the "shocking footage" "pained" them. 

Protesters demanding the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsi have been throwing Molotov cocktails, rocks and fireworks at his presidential compound in Cairo, while police hit back with water cannons and teargas, reported Reuters.

Two witnesses said they saw one protester shot dead, who was later confirmed to be 23-year-old Mohamed Hussein Qurany.

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"It's verified. I am at the morgue. He was shot with two bullets, and that's the report of the hospital. The shots were in the neck and the right side of the chest," one of the witnesses, lawyer Ragia Omran, told Reuters.

According to CNN, authorities were dragging demonstrators away and Egyptian television showed live footage of security forces beating a naked man on the ground.

Voice of America reported that the roof of one compound building caught fire and some protesters had attempted to climb compound walls and attack its gates.

Morsi made a statement blaming "political forces" for inciting for the violent protests.

"We stress that such violent practices have nothing to do with the principles of the revolution or legitimate means of expression," the statement said, according to The New York Times. It called on "patriotic forces" to "urge their supporters to immediately withdraw from the palace area."

Here, a recorded video of the police attacking a naked protester: