India youth pushes girlfriend down mine after she refuses marriage: Report


An Indian Muslim bride awaits her wedding. Recently, the Delhi High Court ruled that a 15-year-old Muslim girl could be legally wed under "Mohammedan law" as long as she had begun menstruating.

A teenage Indian boy reportedly threw his 13-year-old girlfriend down a 50-foot mine after she refused his offer of marriage, according to The Times of India

Ganga Salvi died on the way to the hospital after descending the shaft on Wednesday in a village in the Chittorgarh area in western India, said the Times.

A police officer in Devali village told the Times: "The deceased girl, Ganga Salvi, was at her home when a 15-year-old boy asked her to accompany him. The parents of the girl overheard the boy asking the girl to go with him. However, before they could react, he dragged her out and pushed her into the mine." 

She was found partly conscious but did not survive the trip to the hospital, the report said, adding that the 15-year-old believed responsible is on the run. 

There was no immediate confirmation of the report.